Baby Brights

Last month I had two baby girls’ birthdays: Penelope’s 2nd birthday and Amelia’s 1st. When wrapping the gifts for both I wanted to try and stay away from the pastel pinks and TV characters that are so frequently used for this age and so decided to use a variety of bright shades!

For Penelope I used a combination of geometric neons, unicorns, and gold daisies:


All of the papers used were from Paperchase and are a mixture of handmade art papers and wrapping paper. To top off the present stack and tie all of the different colours together I then used two ribbons: a satin one and a chiffon one with silver edges both in a vibrant magenta. By tying these two different ribbons together it creates a depth to the bow and makes the final gift look that little bit extra special:


For Amelia’s present I decided to steer clear of pink altogether and this time I opted for a really cute donkey print paper, also from Paperchase, in more primary hues. I then topped this off with two ribbons again but this time tied separately, rather than together. I thought the sparkly grey was a really fun addition to the paper but decided to soften the look by also using a pale lemon:


I can’t say that the babies were that impressed with my wrapping but at least the mums seemed to appreciate it!


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