Anthro Inspo

Last week it was my mum’s birthday and, as such, I had some wrapping to do! Usually for my mum I stick with quite traditional pastel colours and floral prints but this time around I went for something a bit bolder!

The inspiration for this wrap selection stemmed from the Anthropologie  carrier bag that I received when buying a vase for my mum as one of her gifts. I know I’m not alone when I say that I am a massive Anthropologie fan and honestly feel that I could buy everything in there! I instantly fell in love with the rich colours and ethnic looking print of this bag, and the fact that the only branding is very discreetly displayed on the inside made it perfect to use as a gift bag too. I therefore decided to pick papers to complement the design of this bag to wrap the other gifts for my mum:

After rummaging through my collection I picked these stunning wrapping papers from Paperchase, Lagom Design and Prism Of Starlings that I thought all worked perfectly with the Anthro bag:


I then wrapped the gifts using glitter tape for embellishment and I also cut some bits of the paper out to decorate the birthday card envelope.


I think each pattern stands out in its each right and yet complements the others sitting next to it. I am really happy that this little bag inspired me to step away from the usual pastel florals, and my mum was a big fan too!!

Have a great week! x


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