Blue Valentine

Hey! This is the first post on my new little blog dedicated to my love of wrap and wrapping! I’ll be sharing images of different wrap creations based on themes varying from seasonal events to fashion + design trends.This for me is my idea of fun – I do not claim to be an expert in any sense and so would love to hear any thoughts/tips/suggestions along the way!

Today is Valentines Day and what better time to share my first post?! I’m not exactly one to celebrate this day of love (partly due to the fact that I am eternally single) but I can certainly appreciate the occasion! I do, however, get rather sick of seeing nothing but red and pink scattered around the shops at this time of year and this (along with a certain film starring the beautiful Ryan Gosling) lead to my inspiration for this post.

Using wrapping paper from both Paperchase and Golden Fox Goods I have put together this little collection of sunny blue wraps with a message to the romantics out there:


I also used the dark blue glitter paper as ribbon and a gift tag.

Happy Valentines Day! XOXO


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